How We’re Getting HVAC Leads from Facebook for $7.69 Each [Video]


Good Morning Contractors!

I’ve spoken with a quite a number of you recently and hear the same thing on nearly every call:

“We need more leads. We have plenty of capacity but I just can’t seem to keep my guys busy. I need more leads coming in”

We’ll we’ve been experimenting with a few of our clients to see if we can get them leads using Facebook.

And the results so far have been impressive.

Performance so far…

$100 spent

161 clicks

12 HVAC Leads Generated  (at $7.69 Each)

And now that we have some data that we can evaluate, we’re going to scale this up to be generating a minimum of 100 leads per month.

The better news is that we’re looking for 3 more contractors to work to add to our lead generating “experiment”.

So if you’re an HVAC contractor looking for more leads, click the button below to apply for a chance to work with us.

Apply Now to Get Leads from Facebook >>

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Branding vs Direct Response Marketing

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Yes both are important but if you have to pick, which one should you choose.

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P.S. Bonus points for you if you can tell me which bucket this video fits into…

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